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Spotify Vibes at Plaza Cubes

Spotify Vibes at Plaza Cubes

Plaza Cubes loves music.

You might think that music has no place in the workplace. However, studies such as that of the Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory show the opposite. Listening to music at work can increase your focus and productivity. Here is the study.

We talked to our Düsseldorf tenants and asked them for tips on which songs or playlists stimulate their creativity or which sounds provide the necessary concentration to complete important tasks.

Based on recommendations from the successful entrepreneurs in our office, we’ve put together this collection of Spotify playlists to get your week off to the best possible start:

Number 1 is brain food. This playlist offers hundreds of lyrics free songs in one place. Great for people who know all the lyrics to all the songs so they become more of a distraction than help with focus.

Playlist number 2 is Instrumental Study, with some subtle beats and easy going vibes. So you can concentrate and get in a good mood.

At number 3 we have the Deep Focus playlist. As the title suggests, these songs will help you fully immerse yourself in your work.

Number 4: Another interesting choice is the turn to the uplifting beats of Latin music Super Chill – Relaxing Latin Acoustic Guitar Music. She’ll make you feel like you’re sitting on the beach with your laptop sipping a cocktail.

And, last but not least, number 5: the smooth, relaxing sound of the Relaxing Work Music playlist. A neutral choice that’s likely to appeal to everyone in the office.

So now that you’ve got the vibes right, you can retreat to your desk and enjoy the smooth beats right in the office.

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