Hammer Straße

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Hammer Straße Features

12.554 m² used area
Indoor Garage
Heating cooling system
Next to Radisson Blu Media Harbor and Ladestation Radisson Blu Hotel
In the same building with Bäckerei Oehme Brotamp and Kuchen, Mongo’s Restaurant, Okinii
Taxistand and wide transport network
Nearby dining areas: Splits Chines, Eigelstein, Vapiano, Hans im Gluck, Woytom am Hafen, Han Bakery.

Hammer Straße

The Hammer Strasse 19 office building is characterized by its attractive architecture, high building quality and efficient use of space. The location at the Medienhafen connects two sides: Zollhof and Hammer Strasse. Other advantages include a creative atmosphere, numerous restaurants, luxury hotels, multiplex cinemas and elegant nightclubs. Düsseldorf's famous old town is also within walking distance! The beautiful Rhine promenade is just a short walk away.

Plaza Cubes Düsseldorf is characterized by large, decorative and innovative office spaces and coworking areas. We put the idea of community in the foreground! Our guests love to exchange ideas and get in touch with each other at various events.
Quiet and concentrated work is guaranteed anytime and anywhere, whether in our modern and fully equipped meeting rooms or in flexibly rentable office areas.
The Medienhafen combines centrality with New Work. Thanks to good public transport links, the main train station is easy to reach by train and bus. The airport is also only 10 kilometers away from our location.
Features of H19
The H19 is an expressive office and commercial building with a forward-looking building concept. The aim was to create high-quality office space for sophisticated workplaces at this attractive urban location and at the same time to carefully upgrade the entire area. Taking into account the existing harbor architecture, a trapezoidal structure was developed, which is complemented by two glass conservatories to form a crystalline block. These generously proportioned communication areas with their patented glass shed façade ensure a year-round increase in comfort. They guarantee natural ventilation and lighting as well as noise and emission protection. Optimized solar shading and solar heat gains in the winter months point the way to a low-energy office building and optimum indoor climate conditions for users and visitors.
The double façade meets the highest standards in terms of both design and ecology. The technical solution is characterized by the choice of striking materials. Glass, aluminum and stainless steel for the outer skin contrast with the natural material wood used for the interior construction of the primary facade.



Features of Hammer Straße Region

  • It is located in the heart of Düsseldorf’s Media Harbor district.
  • Located close to the Rhine, with great views, as well as a wide range of dining and entertainment facilities and many more advantages!
  • Numerous prestigious hotels in the area
  • Good accessibility and central location, proximity to Düsseldorf airport
  • Gastronomically rich location


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Underground: The U71 Metro stop and the S8 Rail tram can be reached.
Bus: At Erftstraße / Grand Bateau stop, you can get off on bus 732 and walk. There is a bus every 10 minutes.
Car: Hammer Street. It takes 12 minutes by car from the airport.
Address: Plaza Cubes GmbH, Hammer Straße 19, 40219 Medienhafen, Düsseldorf / Deutschland
Tel: +49 0211 94255790

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