Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions of Plaza Cubes GmbH, Hammer Straße 19,
40219 Düsseldorf, Germany, hereinafter referred to as Plaza Cubes.

  1. Validity / scope of services

Plaza Cubes grants the customer the right to work within the Plaza Cubes-operated business centers and services from Plaza to use Cubes. There is no rental or rental agreement between the parties tenancy.
Plaza Cubes performs in accordance with the contract and within the specified business hours,
as well as within the scope of the agreement. Force majeure or by technical
Disturbances caused by grievances are excluded from this.

  1. Reservation / Security Deposit / Waitlist Entry

The customer has the option in the Plaza Cubes online reservation system
Reservation of workplaces and services for one in the future
lying period.
The reservation is binding for both parties. For the reservation is one
to provide security. The amount of security depends on the type
of the reserved service and at the time of making the
Reservation valid price list. If the contract is then concluded,
the security deposit taking into account the value added tax with the final price
The customer has the option of canceling his reservation before the conclusion of the contract.
A cancellation of the reservation by the customer is subject to a cancellation fee of
50% of the security deposit including VAT connected to the security deposit
will be refunded to the customer minus the cancellation fee.
If the desired date is fully booked, the customer has the option
to be entered on the Plaza Cubes waiting list. In the event of a cancellation
other customers, the customer on the waiting list will be contacted by Plaza Cubes. the
Waiting list entry is non-binding.

  1. Conclusion of contract / provision of security / payment, non-payment of

fee / right of lien
The contract is concluded when both parties sign the contract form.
The customer pays a security deposit of 1 gross service fee. The
Security deposit is due at the beginning of the office service contract. A claim to
Services or moving into the office space only occurs after
Incoming payments. The security deposit is liable for all claims by Plaza Cubes
against the customer, for whatever legal reason.
The service fee is before the first use of the workstations and before
to pay in full for the use of the services, thereafter (in the event
an automatic contract extension according to §7) monthly until the first of the month
Advance and without deductions. The scope of services is specified in the respective annex.
The service fee is independent of actual use.
The punctuality of the payment is not dependent on the dispatch, but on the
receipt of payment. In the event of a delay in payment, Plaza’s performance obligations are suspended
Cubes together with their liability, without the customer from paying for the contract period
or is released from the contract at all.
In the event of a return debit (insufficient coverage, objection, etc.) of the confiscated
A flat rate of €36.00 plus bank charges will be charged.
Plaza Cubes charges default interest of 8% above the base rate. at
Delays in payment will incur an additional processing fee of €5 per
reminder calculated. The assertion of further damages remains
untouched. Costs incurred for the dunning procedure and for the use of a
collection agency is borne by the customer. In addition, Plaza Cubes is owned by her
exercise the right of lien on objects that can be seized in the office premises.

  1. Rights and Obligations / Renovation Fee

Plaza Cubes is committed to absolute confidentiality and secrecy
every way. Information will only be provided on the express instructions of the customer
passed on to third parties.
Plaza Cubes is not obliged to send registered mail, orders and invoices etc.
to accept, especially not if this results in obligations and costs
for Plaza Cubes.
The customer undertakes to use all of Plaza Cubes’ provided rooms, facilities, keys and equipment with care. The customer is liable for damage and losses.
The customer is obliged to take out all insurance policies required for his operation,
in particular to take out business liability insurance, as well as this for the
maintain the contractual relationship at its own expense and Plaza Cubes
to be proven on request.
The customer is obliged to accept all services from Plaza Cubes to which Plaza
Cubes has commissioned and which go beyond the contractual agreements, too
without prior confirmation of the order.
The business premises, address and telecommunications and internet facilities
by Plaza Cubes shall not transmit or forward any unlawful or
objectionable content, materials or for publications of this kind as well as to
used for any unlawful, fraudulent or dishonorable purpose. plaza
Cubes is responsible for the manner and content of its behalf and on behalf of
not to be held responsible for the services to be provided by the customer. In the case
a claim against Plaza Cubes in civil, criminal and
From a regulatory point of view, the customer and their staff and employees are entitled
obliged to pay full damages.
Perishable, noxious, hazardous materials or materials weighing over
5 kg, a length of more than 45 cm, or a room size of more than 30.5 cm,
may not be delivered to the Plaza Cubes address. Plaza Cubes is not available
acceptance or forwarding of materials of the aforementioned type.
Under no circumstances is Plaza Cubes liable to third parties for the content of the letters,
Faxes, communications or actions that Plaza Cubes commissioned
of the customer has worked on, or which Plaza Cubes have worked with on the basis of the service contract manufacturers, forwards or undertakes to the customer. The customer has Plaza Cubes of each to release the claim.
At the latest on the day the contract period ends, the customer shall hand over the
Office space in the same condition as when acquired. At the end of the contract, the
customer to leave the workstations on the last day of the contract. Are after leaving the
Jobs by the customer Work to restore the
Original condition necessary that go beyond a basic cleaning, so become
these are carried out exclusively by Plaza Cubes specialist companies and the customer
invoiced separately if their necessity is due to the behavior of the
customer or his assistants.
When the customer moves out, or if the customer requests others
Workplaces within the business center uses will incur a renovation fee
to settle any costs incurred for cleaning and inspection as well as for
Returning the workplaces to an orderly condition is calculated. The commission fee is
20 euros per square meter. For customers using a dedicated desk, a workstation is considered 8 square meters. Plaza Cubes reserves the right to add
reasonable charges for repairs beyond normal wear and tear
are required to be invoiced to the customer.
After the end of the contract, the customer is prohibited to use the business address and its
components. If the customer omits this obligation, he is obliged to pay damages until the
claim ends.
The customer undertakes not to poach any Plaza Cubes employees during the contract period and six months after the end of the contract. Otherwise the customer undertakes
to pay Plaza Cubes a poaching fee which consists of three times the Gross monthly salary of the poached employee.

  1. Use of the workplaces / structural changes by the customers / advertising measures

The workplaces may only be used as office space or office space and only for commercial purposes. The sub-four rental or any other Transfer of use to third parties is only permitted with the written consent of Plaza Cubes respectively. Keeping pets in the offices is prohibited. The customer has to refrain from any behavior that impairs the use of other offices, especially noise and smell, specifically the smell of cigarettes and cigars.
If the customer breaks the smoking ban, he has in any case a penalty in the amount of € 99.00
In addition, the customer is liable for all damages that occur in connection with smoking arise, in particular he pays the Fire service charge. The customer receives an office key for each workplace as well
an access card/chip; additional keys/cards/chips according to the price list. In case of loss
of a locking device is a reimbursement amount of € 250.00 per lost
to pay closing means.
The customer may not make any structural changes, in particular conversions and installations, carry out installations etc. without the written consent of Plaza Cubes. Of
Furthermore, the customer may not use their own coffee machines, ovens, microwaves, cookers or similar, and do not connect any duplication devices in the offices. The customer is
liable for any damages related to the work done by them.
Measures to improve the rental property and the entire property or
Energy saving measures may be carried out by the owner. The Plaza
The Cubes customer will be held accountable for any impairments (construction noise,
building dirt) no rights such as claims for damages or reductions in price
claim a service fee.
Name and advertising signs or posters or other advertising material are permitted
attached exclusively to the areas intended for this purpose by Plaza Cubes

  1. Organizational matters

Plaza Cubes and/or an agent may use the workstations to review their
condition or for other important reasons. Is the service contract
terminated in due time, Plaza Cubes and/or a representative may use the workstations
along with prospects during business hours when entering Plaza Cubes
announce entry in good time. When a manager/receptionist fails to appear
Plaza Cubes will be looking for a representative as soon as possible. In exceptional cases it can however, it may happen that the provision of a stand-in is not available at short notice
is possible. The customer cannot derive any claims against Plaza Cubes from this.

  1. Contract Duration, Automatic Contract Renewal, Non-Validity

of discounts for contract extensions / terminations / leaving the
Business centers by customers / cancellation policy
Cancellations must be made in text form. The Dedicated Office (private office) contracts have a term of 60 calendar days and are subject to a notice period of 60 calendar days cancellable at the end of the month. All other contracts have a term of 30
calendar days and can be terminated with a notice period of 30 calendar days to the end of the month.
Fixed-term contracts cannot be properly terminated during the contract period will. 
If the contract is not terminated in due time, it is automatically extended for the same term and at the then valid tariffs.
If the customer was granted a discount when the contract was concluded, this applies no longer for the contract extension. The fee for the period from Contract extension is based on current tariffs without taking into account any Discounts calculated.
Should the customer leave the jobs after the end of the contract, upon termination or without notice
Not leaving on time or not in the state before the first notice
reset usage, he commits to Plaza Cubes for everyone
to pay compensation for loss of use on the calendar day started. The high of
Compensation for loss of use is determined by first calculating the daily rate of the
contract tariff is calculated. From this daily rate are as
200% compensation for loss of use for each calendar day or part thereof. One
Further claims for damages on the part of Plaza Cubes remain unaffected by this.
Contracts can be terminated by Plaza Cubes for good cause with immediate effect
Compliance with a notice period can be terminated if the contracting party
does not meet contractual obligations. Reasons for termination without notice:
More than two weeks in arrears with any payment, significant violations of the
House rules, use of the office in breach of contract, unauthorized transfer of
Rooms and facilities to third parties, immoral, criminal or improper
Object of business or behavior of the contractual partner within the rental property,
gross breach of contractual loyalty and ancillary obligations and similar
breaches of contract. A right to termination without notice also exists if
the assets of the contractual partner insolvency proceedings are opened or
court composition proceedings are requested or the opening of such proceedings
procedure is rejected for lack of funds to cover the costs.
In the event of termination without notice, the customer has 3 working days to do so
Receipt of the notice to leave the workplace belonging to the customer
The customer must take items with him. If the customer omits this obligation
after 3 working days or expressly refuses earlier, Plaza Cubes
entitled to use the workplace for other purposes and this use with all
prepare for available resources. Any costs incurred
are at the expense of the customer. Plaza Cubes will charge one for termination without notice
Fee of € 55 and is entitled to give the customer access to the business center and
to ban the offices. An enter to take away that belongs to the customer
items are allowed. These provisions apply to timely terminations
after expiry of the notice periods accordingly.
In the event of termination without notice by Plaza Cubes, office service contracts
with a time limit or minimum term for the entire term of the contract
outstanding payments as damages due to non-performance are due immediately and
payable. In the case of office service contracts without a time limit, three monthly fees are charged for
claims for damages determined. The customer has the option of one
Proof to the contrary of the damage incurred is reserved.
Day bookings, such as day coworkers, meeting rooms
or private offices are available up to 48 hours before
Start of booking can be canceled free of charge. After that will
a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.

  1. Offsetting / Reduction

A set-off or a right of retention of the contractual partner due to own
Claims against claims that are not undisputed or final
locked out. The customer can use the contracts concluded with him
assign, transfer or pledge the rights and claims to which it is entitled.
The customer also only has a right to reduce the service fee if it
is undisputed or legally established.

  1. Use of Internet access via WLAN by the

Customers/Dangers of WiFi Use/Limitation of Liability/
Accountability and Release from Claims
Plaza Cubes maintains Internet access via WLAN in its property. Plaza Cubes
allows the customer to use the room for the entire rental period
WiFi access to the Internet. The customer does not have the right to allow third parties to use the WiFi.
Plaza Cubes does not guarantee the actual availability, suitability or reliability of internet access for any purpose. Plaza Cubes is anytime entitled to hire other co-users for the operation of the WLAN in whole, in part or temporarily allow and restrict the customer’s access in whole, in part or temporarily or excluded if the connection is being used in an abusive manner or as far as Plaza Cubes has to fear a claim and this cannot prevent with usual and reasonable effort in a reasonable time.
In particular, Plaza Cubes reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion and at any time, to
to block access to certain sites or services via the WLAN (e.g. violent, pornographic or paid sites).
Use is by means of access security. The customer undertakes to
to keep access data secret. Plaza Cubes has the right to change access codes at any time
to change.
The customer is advised that the WiFi only provides access to the Internet
enabled, virus protection and firewall are not available. The one using the
Data traffic generated by WLANs is unencrypted. The data can therefore
may be viewed by third parties. Plaza Cubes expressly points this out
point out that there is a risk of malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.)
can reach the end device when using the WLAN. Use of WiFi
takes place at the customer’s own risk. For damage to digital
Media of the customer, which arise through the use of the Internet access
Plaza Cubes accepts no liability unless the damage is caused by Plaza Cubes and/or
or his vicarious agents intentionally or through gross negligence.
For the data transmitted via the WLAN, the data used via it
The customer himself is responsible for the paid services and legal transactions
responsible. Does the customer visit paid websites or does he leave
liabilities, the resulting costs are to be borne by him. He is
obliged to comply with the applicable law when using the WLAN.
In particular, the customer will:

  • the WLAN neither for the retrieval nor for the dissemination of immoral or illegal

use content;

  • not illegally reproduce, distribute or transmit any copyrighted material

made available; this applies in particular in connection with the use of
file sharing programs;

  • observe the applicable youth protection regulations;
  • not post and/or spread harassing, defamatory, threatening content;
  • not use the WLAN for sending mass messages (spam) and/or other

use forms of improper advertising.
The customer releases Plaza Cubes from all damages and claims of third parties that
on an illegal use of the WLAN by the customer and/or
based on a violation of the present agreement, this also extends
for costs associated with the claim or its defense and
Expenditure. Does the customer recognize or should he recognize that such
Infringement and/or such an infringement exists or is imminent, he shall notify Plaza Cubes
to this fact.
The customer is free to use websites with pornographic content of any kind
not allowed.

  1. Liability

The customer is liable for all damage caused by his relatives, employees,
Suppliers and craftsmen were culpably or negligently caused. Caused
Damage must be reported to Plaza Cubes immediately. liability claims
expire if they are rejected in the event of refusal by Plaza Cubes or their
insurance company does not take legal action within three months of rejection
be made.
Plaza Cubes is only liable for damage caused by the customer through intentional or
suffers a grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of Plaza Cube. This liability is on
a maximum amount of damages of €25,000. A liability for
indirect damage or consequential damage is excluded. The exclusion or the
Limitation of claims does not apply to claims arising from injury to life,
of the body or health resulting from an intentional or negligent
Breach of duty by Plaza Cubes or its legal representatives or
vicarious agents. Plaza Cubes is not liable for any interruptions in the
agreed services as a result of extraordinary circumstances such as strikes,
lockout or force majeure. Likewise, Plaza Cubes is not liable for
Transmission errors due to misunderstandings between people who
Give or receive information related to the content of that information
and any delays in the transmission of communications as a result of the
The fault of the post office or other transmission points to which Plaza Cubes does not have access
has influence. In particular, Plaza Cubes is not liable for claims based on content
Errors in the processing of orders placed only verbally or by telephone and
Messages are based on other clients of the customer and on it
based on the fact that used, developed, manufactured,
distributed, modified or recommended computer programs and/or computer systems
(Software/Hardware) Calendar dates not recognized or not recognized correctly or not correctly
process. This applies in particular to liability claims arising from changes,
Testing and maintenance work as well as consultations/evaluations on a
are due to omission.
Items brought into the office by the customer can, according to the applicable
Insurance law cannot be insured by Plaza Cubes. For loss or
The customer is liable for damage.
The customer is subject to the obligation to compensate for any damage for which Plaza Cubes
wants to make it liable for compensation, Plaza Cubes in writing immediately after becoming aware of it
to display.

  1. Changes in legal form, sale of business

Changes in the commercial register, the business registration, the representation relationships or in other contexts that are important for the contractual relationship
customer to notify Plaza Cubes immediately.
The customer changes the legal form of his company from a sole proprietorship
or a partnership into a corporation, the
personal liability of the customer for all obligations arising from the contract is unaffected. It
an additional agreement is to be made, according to which the corporation dem
joins an existing contract on the customer side.
When selling the customer’s business or part of it, it is necessary
because of the transfer of this contract to the legal successor, a previous one
Agreement with Plaza Cubes. There is a right to transfer of this contract
not. In the absence of an interim agreement, Plaza Cubes remains personally liable
of the customer exist.

  1. Price reservation

If rents, ancillary costs, salaries and other costs change, then Plaza Cubes
entitled to an appropriate price change adjusted to the rate of inflation
perform additional services without having to terminate the contract.

  1. Written form requirement, severability clause

Subsequent changes and additions to a contract must be in writing.
Any additional agreements and ancillary agreements as well as changes and
Additions to the contract are only effective if Plaza Cubes has confirmed them in writing
has been confirmed. If any of the provisions of a contract, in whole or in part
be or become legally ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions will be affected
not affected by this. Such a provision shall be replaced by an effective provision
which, with a reasonable assessment of the contract, corresponds to the will of the contracting parties on
next comes. If the invalidity is based on a performance or time determination,
the legally permissible extent shall take its place.

  1. Jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract and for the question of
of this contract is the place of business of Plaza Cubes. The law applies
of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German-language version of the contract.


Hammer Straße 19

40219 Düsseldorf





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