New to the world of flexible office solutions?

No problem. We’ll give you a little tip. You don’t have to pay thousands to have a great office, especially with the Fix Desk package.

Think about this: You rent your own permanent desk (“fix desk”) for your work in our coworking space, but you get all the advantages that a completely private office gives you. For example, you can register Plaza Cube at Medienhafen as your company address, or spontaneously book one of our meeting rooms. A routine is an important tool for most of us to separate private and work life. Many are not coping well with the current home office situation and are looking for a suitable place of work where they can work undisturbed – of course in compliance with all social distancing regulations.

Not quite convinced? Try us out for a day and see how you like our space. Be warned, you will likely want to come back again and again!



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40219 Düsseldorf


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