Düsseldorf welcomes the First Plaza Cubes in Germany!

The Plaza Cubes style is Mediterranean mixed with modern influences. 15 years ago, Plaza Cubes was the first local office company in Turkey and is now represented at 13 locations worldwide. So far in Turkey and Germany – more locations will follow soon. When choosing its locations, Plaza Cubes primarily ensures that they are in the most suitable environment, preferably close to other thriving companies. The Medienhafen in Düsseldorf was an obvious choice here, as it offers a central location, the best connections, numerous restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity, and a bit of nature right on the Rhine. On warmer days, the Media Harbor is the most pleasant, lively and stylish place to be.

About Plaza Cubes

What makes Plaza Cubes so special?

The warm service and reliable hospitality that comes from our Mediterranean DNA make the working atmosphere in our offices so pleasant. We also receive many compliments for our stylish ambience. With us, our customers get a ready-to-move, exclusive office with high-quality furniture in the NURUS design, with floor-to-ceiling windows, a small balcony, new carpets and touch panels for controlling light, temperature and blinds. The acceptance of post and parcels, use of the business address, an extensive contingent of printers and use of the meeting rooms are included in the contract. Our clients also appreciate Plaza Cubes for our warm and relaxed yet extremely organized management style, which is similar to that of a high-end hotel. Of course, we are always happy when we see our customers cooperating with each other, when productive connections are created in the rooms of Plaza Cubes – all of this supports our company culture and the fundamentally positive togetherness that Plaza Cubes stands for.



Hammer Straße 19

40219 Düsseldorf


0211 94255790