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Our office location in Düsseldorf Plaza Cubes is located in the Hammer Street 19, the heart of the modern city. We brought a new breath and motivation to the working life! Our H19 office Düsseldorf welcomes you with its modern and attractive architecture, right in the city center, with all the historical and social areas. Düsseldorf, one of the most central cities in Germany with a strong business and economic network and crossing the Rhine, stands out with its most luxurious, cultural and social richness, where the dynamic of business life flows. Düsseldorf is also a European city; all historical, cultural, artistic, fair and business activities with evidence of this.

In this advantageous city, you will now be able to manage your office and business! Plaza Cubes is in Düsseldorf with its new location H19! With Coworking, Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms and Fixed Table options, you can manage your business with all the advantages of your modern, innovative office space. At the same time the H19 office building, right next to Radison Blu Medai Harbor and Ladestation Raddison Blu hotels and Bäckerei Oehme Brot & Kuchen, Mongo’s Restaurant, Okinii are just downstairs, offering great opportunities for both you and your customers for your business meetings.

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